Our favorite shirt. The toys that our children would not part with for any reason in the world. That novel abandoned on the bedside table that has been staring at us for too many months and we still have to finish reading. Documents, mobile phone, chargers, etc. etc. The list of things to take with you on a long vacation trip is always long and putting it out without forgetting anything is not easy. If the means of transport with which to leave is not a train, a plane, a ship or a bus, but your own car, then the same “scientific method” should also be applied to the preparation of the route and the car. Without forgetting, of course, everything that revolves around it, making sure to do everything it takes to make it efficient and reliable during the transfer. Here are some simple tricks and tips to travel without stress and in maximum safety.


A long journey, especially when fully loaded, is never a health walk for our car. Especially in the summer months, when the strong heat puts a strain on the proper functioning of the engine. A few days before leaving, therefore, it is essential to check that everything is in order under the hood. If the car is regularly maintained in efficiency, with periodic coupons and checks carried out in specialized workshops, just check the fluid level and, if necessary, top up or replace. For engine, brake and clutch oil and coolant it is always advisable to follow the specifications indicated by the manufacturer and reported, as a rule, in the vehicle’s use and maintenance booklet.


One of the levels to check is also that of the washer fluid, very important (but often forgotten) to keep the windshield clean when it is filled with insects that inevitably crash on it on highway journeys. On the market there are different types, to be diluted or ready to use: we recommend the latter because they are faster to use.

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At high speeds, on the motorway, in summer, whole swarms of midges swarm and it often happens to find even larger insects squashed on the windshield. The wipers, acting on the glass wet by the washer fluid, usually remove the bulk, but could remain annoying halos for the driver’s view. Useful, in cases like this, an anti-midges spray, to be applied during a stop. Just spray it on the windshield, on the headlights and on the license plate, to make it legible, and then rinse thoroughly with simple water.

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Having an engine in top shape is of little or no use if the contact element between the car and the road is not as good. Especially when you leave the city, it is essential to make sure you have the tires in good condition, never too old and in any case always inflated to the right pressure (which is indicated by the manufacturer and can vary according to the load, as well as between front and rear tires. ). Always check it, before leaving, but also during the transfer, if the road that separates you from the holiday resort is long and tiring. The best thing is to have a portable battery pump that can also compensate for pressure losses.

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A puncture can be remedied by fitting the spare wheel. But what if bad luck were to rage? Not all cars, however, come with a spare tire, runflat tires or a repair kit. Having the latter on board, therefore, is of fundamental importance, because, unless there is a gash, the tire can almost always be repaired, allowing you to resume the journey.

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One of the most classic causes of broken down cars is a battery failure. Gradually, the latter tends to lose efficiency, risking to compromise the ignition of the vehicle and, therefore, the operation of the entire on-board electrical system. If it is already a few years old, it has already happened that the engine was struggling to start and you did not have time to replace it with a new one, to be on the safe side, bring charging cables and an emergency starter with you.

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You don’t necessarily need to be a skilled mechanic to get back on the road after a small mechanical breakdown. If the problem, in fact, is not difficult to solve, with a little dexterity and the right amount of patience you can also try it alone. Usually a pair of work gloves and a sufficiently equipped toolbox are enough to deal with the most trivial unexpected events.

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In the past, some cars included it as standard equipment: a briefcase usually housed in the armrest compartment on the backrest of the rear seats, with some sterile gauze inside, hydrogen peroxide, plasters, scissors and healing ointments. As a precaution, especially if you are traveling with small children or frail people, it is best to have it on board.

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Eating “the right” and above all healthy, before getting behind the wheel and tackling a long journey, is very important to maintain maximum concentration on driving and get less tired. The heat, however, often leaves no way out even if at the table we remained at a safe distance from the fattest and most difficult to digest foods. Finding yourself with a dry and dehydrated throat when the thermometer is well above 30 ° C is easy. And sometimes water alone may not be enough to quickly restore the mineral salts and lost energy. It is therefore better to always have good food supplements on hand.

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The vast majority of cars on the market today are equipped with integrated navigation systems. If they are missing, usually with Bluetooth, the multimedia system “hooks up” to the smartphone, which can act as a navigator through specific Apps. and to avoid draining the cell phone battery, you can always rely on dear, old portable satellite navigators.

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If the trunk is not enough, because it is too small or because there are too many luggage, instead of loading the excess in the passenger compartment – making the journey uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for passengers – it is preferable to house them in special containers to be secured to the roof bars. . Usually the load must never exceed 50 kg in weight and must always be secured so that it does not move while driving.

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For younger passengers, a long car ride can be very boring. Keeping them busy, especially if they are not sleepy and maybe complain loudly for the most diverse reasons, is not easy, while driving, and reading a story, for a possible other passenger, is not the best in life with a car. in movement. Better, therefore, a nice cartoon to watch on a tablet.

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Cats, dogs, rabbits and any other pets should never travel free in a car. If small in size, and therefore weighing less than 10 kg, four-legged friends should always be accommodated in special rigid carriers. There are various types on the market, some designed specifically for travel.

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When it is very hot outside, the air conditioning cools the passenger compartment, but does not prevent the sun’s rays from entering it, “beating” the passengers’ heads. To filter them and travel more comfortable, especially if the rear windows are not dark, simple sun shades can be very useful.

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