MG: due nuovi modelli in arrivo

WILL IT BE CALLED MG4? – MG, the British brand owned by the Chinese Saic, is focusing heavily on electric cars for its expansion plans in the European market. In fact, in the house price list there are already three models of this type: the Marvel R, the MG5 and the ZS. To them will also be added another new battery-powered model called Mullan. Anticipated with a teaser last February, the Mullan was unveiled in China but will also be available in Europe, where it will arrive later this year and, according to some sources, could be called MG 4.

EDGE LINES – The MG Mullan / MG 4 is a 430 cm long crossover that seems made to compete with the Volkswagen ID.3. The design of the European version should undergo minimal changes compared to the version shown for the Chinese market, thus presenting the same modern and angular lines that wink at young people. Particularly the rear window, reduced and very inclined, at the upper end of which there is a spoiler divided into two portions.

NEBUL PLATFORMA – The MG Mullan / MG 4 it is based on Saic’s Nebula platform, designed to meet European safety standards and to accommodate rear-wheel drive electric powertrains. The full technical specifications will be made available by the end of the year, close to the presentation. The attention of the house for habitability will also be proposed in this model, also by virtue of the adoption of a battery with reduced thickness.

> In the photos above the MG Mullan / MG 4.

A MG SPIDER IS BACK – Everyone who fell in love with spider MG long-standing will be happy to know that the stock version of the concept Cyberster (shown at the end of 2021) will arrive before 2024. It is a two-seater battery-powered roadster, which, according to the leaders of the house, would have received more than 5,000 expressions of interest from potential buyers, thus starting the design and subsequent series production. The final design of the car, anticipated by the images of some patents, has been decidedly “softened” compared to that of the Cyberster concept, even for mere homologation requirements.

MORE SOUNDER THAN THE CONCEPT – The proportions of the MG Cyberster they remained the same, but the bodywork is decidedly different. The car has a higher ground clearance, smaller rims that fit thicker tires, uncovered headlights, with a thinner grille. Union Jack-inspired taillights give way to a flashy angular light bar and arrow-shaped taillights.

> In the photo above, the drawing of the MG spider which could be called Cyberster.

AN ELECTRIC MX-5 – The new MG spider, which will in fact be an electric alternative to the Mazda MX5, is based on a specification EV platform, able to offer a range of 800 km, with a travel time from 0 to 100 km / h of less than 3 seconds. Its strong point, in addition to performance, will be the decidedly competitive price.


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