Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked: the spring summer 2023 collection

Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked: the new spring summer 2023 collection

Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked: in the HandPicked collection for next spring summer 2023, aesthetics, style and tailoring blend together, leading as a final result to an excellence of Made in Italy. Thanks to the heritage of Giada Spa, the care and attention to details are completely natural, which are declined both inside and outside the garments, becoming cult objects for lovers of beauty.

Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked

The collection, presented at Pitti, is designed for a man who does not want to give up comfort but still wants to maintain a formal aspect, certainly oriented towards urban luxury. The brand’s DNA is inextricably linked to that cotton canvas which, immersed in indigo, becomes denim, and takes on shades of blue ranging from rinse to the more summery bleached. The different tones perfectly match the countless details of the garment, from the yarn to the salpe, from the buttons to the rivets.

Everything blends harmoniously, sometimes with bright and sunny nuances. In addition to denim we find fabrics in cotton, cotton and linen, linen and tencel with a very soft hand, proposed both for 5 pockets and for chinos. The prints of the linings are exclusive and personalized, with multicolor stripes, camouflage, or in pendant with the garment.

Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked: the mood of the collection

Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked

  • Mainin eco-leather with hot stamped logo
  • Colonialin pony and canvas
  • Popin eco-leather inspired by the works of the neo-expressionist painter Julian Schnabel
  • Handmadein pony skin with embroidered logo
  • Luxurywith “ray” print and in saffiano leather coupled with eco-leather
  • Studioswith black eco-leather salpa with embroidered logo

In some models the garment is embellished with a touch of classicism thanks to the addition of the pleat. A particular focus then deserves the new Riva modelin which the lines of the pocket and the ergonomics of the yoke create a unique combination of its kind, with a precious and recognizable design.

The capsule collection Moser Project is a line made four hands by Ignazio Moser and the HandPicked style office. Ignazio, drawing from the historical archive of Giada Spa, managed to concentrate his expression through 7 garments with tones ranging from minimal to used look up to a super vintage in which the Pirate’s bandana is evoked.

Pitti Uomo June 2022 HandPicked

HandPicked is Giada Spa’s luxury denim brand that stands out for sustainability and Made In Italy tailoring. It offers contemporary, sophisticated and casual garments at the same time, designed to go beyond seasonal fashions and to last over time. Craftsmanship and innovation transform HandPicked denim into garments of excellence.


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