Tutors active on the 2022 motorway: where they are and the updated map.

The complete list of all tutors active on the 2022 motorway: where they are and the updated map.

THE tutors active on the motorway in 2022 have increased, with many new stations installed on Italian motorways. The kilometers covered by the speed detection system have practically tripled in the last three years. To give the idea, just think that in 2019 there were 420 km of motorways controlled by tutors, in 2020 they had become more than 1,000, while in 2021 it went to 1,400 km.

It is therefore 25 more tutor systems which bring the total to 134 the monitored sections on the highway. The traits with the greatest presence of tutors are theSelf-sun And Adriaticthe Milan-Brescia and the A13.

How do active tutors work on the motorway?

THE tutor they were one of the novelties of the 2000s, when for the first time it was decided to measure the average speed between two stretches of road and to detect the vehicle’s license plate. Introduced in Italy a late 2005after one year, a 22% lower accident rate had been found, while the mortality rate had decreased by 50% and that of the injured by 34%.

After legal issues related to the patent of the plant, the 25 July 2019 the Tutors have been rekindled with a new version called SiCVE-PM. PM stands for “Plate Matching“, Or rather the possibility of comparing not only the plate but the entire image, also comparing the distinctive features of the vehicle and thus identifying it in a univocal way.

Here are the basic steps of its operation, as you can see above in the video of the Traffic Police:

  1. The sensor detects the vehicle category and activates the cameras that take the photograph, recording the date and time of passage. The next sensor performs the same operations as the one upstream, photographing the vehicle again and recording the date and time of passage.
  2. A central system makes the combinations, calculating the travel times of each vehicle. The data of vehicles whose travel times do not exceed those permitted in the section in question are immediately deleted.
  3. For vehicles in violation, the system queries the DMV archives and the car rental archives to trace the owner and driver of the vehicle. Violations are ascertained by the Traffic Police by compiling and printing the report.

highway tutor

Active tutors on the highway: urban truths and legends

The urban myths about tutors are obviously about the possibility of getting out of control. Well, that’s not possible. So let’s see what are the absolutely true sentences:

• The Tutor also works at night, in case of rain and in the presence of fog;
• When in case of rain the limit decreases to 110 km / h also the limit of the Tutor is lowered;
• The Tutor is also able to detect the presence of trailers connected to the vehicle and, consequently, associate the corresponding speed limit;
• The cameras are also able to detect vehicles traveling in the emergency lane;
• The sanctions are issued and collected directly by the State and therefore do not, in any way, benefit the motorways;
• The functioning of the Tutor is independent of the trajectory followed by the vehicle when it passes under the portals;
• The Tutor is also able to correctly detect vehicles that pass diagonally or across the lanes;
• Any acoustic signal emitted by the Telepass when passing under the Tutor portals is due to the presence on the same portal of the system for detecting travel times based on the Telepass transits and indicates that the batteries of the device are close to exhaustion.

The maximum speed on the highway

The speed limit monitored by the tutors active on the motorway is 130 km / h. Attention, because the limit is lowered to 110 km / h in case of rain and consequently also that monitored by the tutors.

THE novice driversor those who have obtained the B driving license for less than three years, cannot exceed 100 km / h on the highway. If you are curious, here are the cars recommended for novice drivers.

Tutor: fines and penalties

Article 142 of the Highway Code provides for a series of fines depending on the excess speed encountered:

• no more than 10 km / h above the limit: 41 euros fine
• between 10 and 40 km / h: € 169 fine with the cut of 3 driving license points
• between 40 and 60 km / h: 532 euros, 6 pointssuspension of the driving license from one to 3 months
• over 60 km / h: 829 euros fine, driving license reduced by 10 points and suspended from 6 to 12 months.

How do I know if I have been fined by the Tutor?

If you have the doubt that you have violated the speed limits and are afraid of having received a fine from one of the tutors active on the motorway, it is certainly not possible to go to the Traffic Police. We can then indicate how 90 days the time within which the offense must be delivered to the home or domicile. Although in Italy anything can always happen, it is hardly possible to receive something afterwards three months from the infringement.

This is the time within which the fine must be notified, from the moment in which the police send by registered letter to the post office. Since the date of shipment, usually the time it takes for the registered letter to be delivered is counted. In broad terms, after 100 days nothing will come, and even if the fine does arrive it would be appealable by the justice of the peace.

Better tools for detecting speed cameras

In the smartphones we use as navigators there are several apps such as Waze that report the presence of speed controls. For those who want specific appliances, here are some proposals to be evaluated:

Active Tutors on the Motorway: the map

Below is the map with the guardians active on the Italian motorways in 2022.

2021 tutor map

Active Tutors on the Motorway: where they are, the complete list of workstations.

We publish the list of all the guardian positions on the motorway updated to 2022.

A1 Milan-Naples North Direction

• Santa Maria Capuavetere – Capua
• Caserta Nord – Santa Maria Capuavetere
• San Vittore – Cassino
• Cassino – Pontecorvo
• Colleferro – Valmontone
• San Cesareo – Monteporzio
• All Rac Rm-s A1 N QM – All A24 A1 S -m
• All. Racc. Roma Nord For A1 Ponzano Romano
• Ponzano Romano – Magliano Sabina
• Magliano Sabina – Orte
• Firenzuola – Badia
• Reggio Emilia – Campegine
• Campegine – Parma
• Modena Sud – Modena Nord
• All A15 A1 N QM – Fidenza
• Fidenza – Fiorenzuola
• Fiorenzuola – Piacenza South
• Piacenza South – Piacenza North
• Piacenza Nord – Casale
• Casale – Lodi
• Lodi – South Milan

A1 Milan-Naples South Direction

• South Milan – Lodi
• Lodi – Casale
• Casale – Piacenza North
• Piacenza North – Piacenza South
• All A21 A1 S – Fiorenzuola
• Fiorenzuola – Fidenza
• Fidenza – All A15 A1 N
• All A15 A1 N – Parma
• Parma – Campegine
• Modena Sud – Annex A14 A1 N
• Badia Firenzuola
• Orte – Ponzano Romano
• Ponzano Romano – Ann. Rac Rm-n A1
• All A24 A1 S QM – All Rac Rm-s A1 N
• Annex A1 For Roma Sud Collefferro
• Monteporzio – San Cesareo
• Frosinone – Ceprano
• Pontecorvo – Cassino
• San Vittore Caianello
• Capua – Santa Maria Capuavetere
• Santa Maria Capuavetere – Caserta Nord

A2 Autostrada del Mediterraneo – North direction

  • Salerno – Sicignano-Potenza
  • Sicignano degli Alburni – Padola Buonabitacolo

A2 Autostrada del Mediterraneo – South direction

  • Padola Buonabitacolo – Sicignano degli Alburni
  • Sicignano-Potenza – Salerno

A3 Salerno Reggio Calabria (Vergelius)

  • Salerno – Sicignano-Potenza
  • Sicignano degli Alburni – Padula Buonabitacolo

A4 Turin-Trieste West direction

  • San Stino – San Donà
  • Ospitaletto – Rovato
  • Rovato – Palazzolo
  • Palazzolo – Ponte Oglio
  • Ponte Oglio – Grumello
  • Grumello – Seriate
  • Seriate – Bergamo
  • Dalmine – Capriate
  • Trusses – Cavenago

A4 Turin-Trieste East Direction

  • Trezzo – Dalmine
  • Dalmine – Bergamo
  • Bergamo – Seriate
  • Seriate – Grumello
  • Grumello – Ponte Oglio Qm
  • Ponte Oglio Qm – Palazzolo
  • Palazzolo – Rovato
  • Rovato – Ospitaletto
  • Cessalto – San Stino
  • San Stino – Portogruaro
  • Villesse – Redipuglia

A5 Turin-Mont Blanc Direction France

  • Mont Blanc South Tunnel-Mont Blanc North Tunnel

A5 Turin-Mont Blanc Direction Italy

  • North Mont Blanc Tunnel-South Mont Blanc Tunnel

A7 Milan-Genoa North Direction

  • Busalla – Ronco Scrivia
  • Ronco Scrivia – Isola del Cantone

A7 Milan-Genoa South Direction

A8 Milan-Varese North Direction

  • Castellanza – Busto Arsizio

A8 Milan-Varese South Direction

  • Busto Arsizio – Castellanza
  • Castellanza – Origgio

A10 Genoa-Ventimiglia West direction

  • Celle Ligure – Albisola

A10 Genoa-Ventimiglia East direction

A13 Bologna-Padua Northbound

  • Bologna Interporto – Altedo
  • Altedo – Ferrara South
  • Ferrara Nord QM – Occhiobello
  • Occhiobello – Rovigo Sud
  • Rovigo Sud – Rovigo
  • Rovigo – North Boara
  • Landriano – Vidigulfo
  • Boara – Monselice
  • Monselice – Terme Euganee
  • Terme Euganee – South Padua

A13 Bologna-Padua South Direction

  • Padova Zona Ind QM – Padova Sud
  • Terme Euganee – Monselice
  • Rovigo – Rovigo Sud
  • Rovigo Sud – Occhiobello
  • Vidigulfo – Landriano
  • Ferrara North – Ferrara South
  • Ferrara South – Altedo

A14 Bologna-Taranto Northbound

  • Bari – Bitonto
  • Andria Barletta – Canosa
  • Canosa – Annex A16
  • Annex A16 – Cerignola Est
  • Cerignola Est – Foggia Industrial Area
  • Foggia Industrial Zone from QM – Foggia
  • Foggia – San Severo
  • San Severo – Poggio Imperiale
  • Rubicone Valley – Cesena
  • Forlì – Faenza
  • Faenza – All. Ravenna
  • Imola – Castel San Pietro
  • Castel San Pietro – San Lazzaro
  • All. Branch Casalecchio – Borgo Panigale

A14 Bologna-Taranto South direction

  • Faenza – Forlì
  • Castel San Pietro – Imola
  • Cesena – Rubicone Valley
  • Rubicone Valley – Rimini
  • San Severo – Foggia
  • Foggia – Foggia Industrial Area
  • Foggia Industrial Area – East Cerignola
  • Annex A16 – Canosa
  • Canosa – Andria Barletta
  • Andria Barletta – Trani
  • Trani – Molfetta
  • Molfetta – Bitonto

A16 Naples-Canosa West direction

A16 Naples-Canosa Direction East

  • Monteforte-Avellino West

A23 Alpe-Adria West direction

  • Udine North – Gemona
  • Gemona – Carnia

A23 Alpe-Adria East direction

  • Gemona – Udine North
  • Udine Sud – Junction QM A23-a4

A26 Genova-Gravellona Toce Northbound

  • Masone – Broglio
  • Ovada – Predosa

A26 Genoa-Gravellona Toce South Direction

  • Predosa – Ovada
  • Masone – Massimorisso

A28 Portogruaro – Conegliano

  • Azzano Decimo – Villotta

A30 Caserta-Salerno North Direction

  • Salerno – Nocera Pagani
  • Sarno – Palma Campania
  • Nola – QM connection A30 A1

A30 Caserta-Salerno South direction

  • QM A1 connection for A30 – Nola
  • Connection A16 Palma Campania
  • Sarno – Nocera Pagani

A56 Naples ring road West direction

  • Camaldoli – Vomero
  • Fuorigrotta – Agnano

A56 Tangenziale di Napoli Direction East

  • Agnano – Fuorigrotta
  • Arenella – Capodimonte

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