What is the black triangle above the airplane window?

What is the black triangle above the airplane window?

Have you ever noticed a black triangle above the window when are you traveling by plane? Why is it there? What does it represent? You like to stand by the window and enjoy the view during a flight, and the view sometimes enjoyed near the wing allows you to see how the control surfaces are working. But one of the windows near the wing hides a little secret that, if you are a good observer and regular airplane traveler, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Boeing 737 max or an Airbus A380: you certainly won’t have missed it.

Black triangle above the window: what is it?

What am I referring to? To that particular symbol which constitutes an important reference point for the crew. This is the small black triangle above the window. Its presence underlines the fact that from that precise point, towards the outside, you can enjoy the best position to see and examine the wing and its surfacein order to check that everything is in order.

Presence of ice, malfunctions, anomalies of any kind and any other possible problem, can be visually assessed from that specific position, as well as possible. You may think that today with the technology that you can have on an airplane, this is superfluous and outdated, but in reality it is not. And maybe during one of your recent flights, without you even noticing, at the request of the captain, a flight attendant gave one look in that direction, to reassure the pilots that everything was in order. In fact, nothing, especially in delicate moments, is better than a visual inspection.

Among other things, if you find yourself sitting near the black triangle above the window, know that you are very lucky, as it is credited by all as the best position to take beautiful photographs, perhaps with an Oppo Reno smartphone, immortalizing both the aircraft on you travel, is the panorama below.

Finally, it is possible that you have noticed on the wing, also the presence of a kind of yellow object, with two eyelets, a bit mysterious.

Well that object is used for the passenger safety, for example, should they abandon the aircraft after a ditching. The foreseen emergency exits placed on the wing would force the passengers who are leaving the aircraft towards the emergency slide, to walk on the wet and smooth wing, certainly dangerous and treacherous, with the risk of falling at every step.

L’yellow object in question is none other than a hook on which two ropes can be anchored which, placed orthogonally, would help to exit the aircraft without the risk of slipping. On the next flight, if these two elements had escaped you earlier, I’m sure you’ll pay attention.


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