Air conditioning in the car: the tricks for traveling fresh while consuming little

Air conditioning in the car: the tricks for traveling fresh while consuming little

The Air conditioning in auto is a source of high consumption but experts come to our aid for its intelligent and economical use. Traveling “fresh” is one of the best ways to have one serene and attentive guideto. In fact, we know that in the heat our “performance” at the wheel worsens, due to the thousand distractions.

Let’s leave behind the myth that “air conditioning hurts”: it is not true. The fresh it produces does not make you sick, in case its incorrect use. So let’s see together what are the tips for traveling rested and consuming less using the air conditioning in the car.

air conditioning in the car

How does the air conditioning in the car work?

Let’s say immediately that the air conditioner in the car does not produce cold air, rather it is correct to say that it extracts hot air from the passenger compartment. Without getting too technical, know that when a liquid turns into a gas it absorbs heat, and vice versa when a gas becomes a liquid it releases it. This is the basic principle of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning in the car: here are the useful tips

How to leave when the car is hot

  1. When you know your car will stay in the sun for a long time, try installing a small solar fan that pushes the warm air out when the car is stationary. We talked about it here.
  2. When entering a hot car, it is best to open the doors and windows one minute before turning on the engine and air conditioner. To let the hot air out quickly, before starting the engine open the door on the passenger side and open and close the one on the driver’s side.
  3. Turn the air conditioner on to minimum temperature and make sure you have turned off the air recirculation, then turn off the fan.
  4. Drive for a couple of minutes with all the windows down to let any hot air out.
  5. Set the desired temperature on the air conditioner, also adjusting the fan.

The worst way to go is to get on board and immediately turn the system on to maximum. Attempting to lower the temperature with the climate control alone takes time and whips the system.

How to fight bad smells?

Below, three cheap products that might come in handy for a simple one do it yourself cleaning, to neutralize bad smells. Obviously the use does not exempt from the maintenance of the cabin filter.

When to activate the “air recirculation” function?

The appeal to recirculation it must be limited to a few situations of actual annoyance and risk such as sections with heavy pollution. Do not use it thinking of avoiding the entry of hot air from the outside and therefore lowering the temperature: it is not good.

When to turn on the air conditioning?

In the morning the humidity can be very high: turning on the air conditioning eliminates the risk of fogging windows and at the same time “dries” the passenger compartment. It is therefore not necessary to “wait” for them high temperature to switch on the air conditioner.

At what temperature should the air conditioner be set?

Those who have an air conditioning system in their car can set the temperature. Well, the temperature difference between the outside and the inside should be between 5 and 8 degrees. In general at 23, 24, too 25 degrees an ideal climatic condition is obtained. So avoid large changes in temperature when you get out of the car and reduce fuel consumption.

The vents and the air flows: how to position them?

We know that the vents distribute the fresh air. It happens that they are pointing in the wrong direction or that they are closed because the current that comes out is considered annoying. The optimal condition is obtained when they are all open and oriented towards the high area of the passenger compartment. The problem of the annoyance of the draft can be solved quite simply adjusting the temperaturewhich as already mentioned must never be too low.

What is the maintenance of the air conditioning system for?

It is necessary check the filter air conditioning. If it’s clogged, you have one poor performance of the system: it must be replaced every 15-20 thousand kilometers, depending on the type of roads traveled. There recharging the air conditioner auto, on the other hand, is used to restore the quantity of refrigerant gas. If it is missing, the system drops in efficiency.


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