Connected mobility - Here is Next, a super black box signed by Telepass and Generali

On the one hand, tons of data on cars on the roads. On the other hand, the offer of increasingly varied and innovative services, from toll payment to car washing, passing from the most obvious parking or refueling (and in the future recharging the batteries, so far slowed down by too many types of sockets and codes to select on apps). The strategic partnership between Generalinsurance giant, e Telepass, it’s all there: convenience for the two groups and, as promised by the new products arriving, also for customers. With Jeniot, the Trieste-based company, since 2018, focuses on the transformation from car insurance to a broader concept that covers all the mobility of people. And with the new product, a baptized black box Next right from the development stage, a big step forward is made in this direction. In short, from electronic tolls to payment for fuel and parking with voice; from real time coaching to automatic assistance in the event of an emergency, Next aims to represent a unique solution within the reach of more and more motorists. On the other hand, connected cars are more and more and the goal, already by 2022, is to reach 1 million Telepass customers with Generali services.

The advantages of telematics. “In 5 years at Generali we have innovated mobility insurance: for the first time, by ensuring the movement of the person, not just the car. Thanks to telematics – which has allowed us to transform 100% of our insurance offer with more services and technology – today we can proactively guarantee a mobility experience of great added value: from prevention, assistance to settlement in a few minutes “, he comments Francesco Bardelli, CEO of Generali Jeniot & Chief Business Transformation Officer of Generali Italia. “Through this partnership with Telepass we strengthen our commitment to building a mobility ecosystem with innovative, technological, data-driven and customizable services to create unique and excellent solutions for Telepass and Generali customers. In fact, the first device is born with Next which combines insurance, telematics and electronic tolls, “he explains Massimo MonacelliChief Property & Casualty Officer of Generali Italia.

How does it work. The Next device is the third initiative among those envisaged by the partnership between Telepass and Generali, after the application of cashback on the motorway toll with automatic reimbursement and motorway collision coverage. It is a black box, similar to those already proposed by various insurance companies, which integrates the functions of the Telepass, proposed for a monthly fee of 7 euros. According to the two companies, Next is destined to revolutionize the daily mobility of Italian motorists. The services offered, in fact, evolve into a connected ecosystem, integrated on board, capable of anticipating and supporting people’s needs and of combining the best of insurance and mobility services in a single device. Furthermore, thanks to the technologies of Generali Jeniot, it is possible to contain the risk on the road thanks to the interaction in real time with real time coaching, to be contacted automatically in the event of an accident or to request a hands-free contact with an operator in case of need. obtain certification of the state of use and distances of their car, also as a support in the event of fines or disputes; it is also possible to activate the “find vehicle” and “geo-fence” services, in fact a virtual perimeter to set entry or exit alerts on a defined area. At the same time, Next becomes the enabler of the main services offered on the move by the company led by the CEO Gabriele Benedetto, which in the future will also open the gate of the house, activate the services related to the Skipass or the washing of their car at home, offered by the company of the Wash Out group. out of three drive more safely with real time coaching. And, among other advantages, the car coverage can become “social” and be extended to share it among five family members or even friends. Last note, but not least, thanks to the halving of time in reporting emergencies with the e-call system, in Europe it is estimated that 2,500 people could be saved per year.

Who is it for? For now, Next’s offer will be proposed by the agencies of the Generali group, but the 7 million customers (for over 10 million devices in circulation) of Telepass, one of the European leaders in electronic toll services, will also be contacted. 4,500 service points. As a mobility operator, in fact, the company that for thirty years has been synonymous with electronic tolls (and which just recently lost its monopoly with the arrival of UnipolMove), aims above all to transform itself more and more into a platform for mobility, offering cashless payments for fuel, taxis, scooters, electric bicycles and scooters and parking lots. A true ecosystem through the Telepass app: almost thirty services, and not just for the car, with a single subscription that gives access to an invisible digital payment circuit, including urban public transport, taxis, trains and ferries , up to light vehicles for urban micro-mobility, electric recharging and, as we said, even ski passes.

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