How to best arrange your luggage in the car

How to best arrange your luggage in the car

How to arrange the luggage in the car is the classic dilemma of those leaving for the holidays. Not only in the height of summer, of course, why go on vacation using your own car it must always be a pleasure. But although the trunk has more space than a single trolley, there are always limits that often make the packaging of the car a complicated game of tetris. Let’s see how to best prepare your car in total safety and in order.

Baggage can be fatal

It may seem superfluous, but misplacing your luggage in your car can make a vacation a frustrating and complicated experience. if not downright dangerous. Leaving your suitcases unsafe and floating means that you spend most of your time in the car checking the center rearview mirror to see if they don’t tip over, taking off accordingly eyes from the street.

But bad luggage arrangement can be fatal. According to research conducted by Volvo Car USA, an object weighing 20 kg can reach a weight of about 1000 kg (one ton) in a frontal collision at 50 km / h. Enough speed and weight to cause serious injury, or even death. Let alone then what can happen in collisions a highway speeds if the objects are badly arranged.

The art of packaging

Here then is the arrangement of suitcases and items in the trunk it becomes an art, or a science. Before starting to arrange things in the trunk, you need to make sure that everything you want to take away is there, for avoid frustration to put everything inside and only at the end remember a bag and then have to start over.

It then begins by compressing, folding or disassembling all bulky items (strollers, picnic tables, umbrellas), to make them as small as possible. Big things or with pointed edges they must be placed in their box, while the corners and crevices of the trunk must be filled with soft and flexible products, such as blankets, pillows, jackets or soft bags, which adapt better and also have a “cushion” function for luggage.

The heavier bags should be put on the bottom, to avoid that slip and crush lighter objects, breaking them. It goes without saying that for example bikes, scooters, surfboards must be placed on bike racks and / or luggage racks outside the vehicle, to be placed on the roof following the installation instructions of producers.

Once finished, use your smartphone to take a photo: you can certainly take advantage of it to make an Instagram story showing others that you take your whole home; but above all as a model to follow for when you return home.

Finally, boxes, baskets, first aid kits e cooler bags with snacks and drinks they can be kept in the cockpit, usually on the floor between rows or even under the seats to prevent them from tipping over.

Increase security

To make the journey even safer, you can use bungee cords to tie heavy objects to vehicle anchor points; or even a safety net that prevents the load from flying in front both in the event of an accident and in the event of sudden braking.


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