Nio ES7: the new electric SUV with 850 km of autonomy

Nio ES7: the new electric SUV with 850 km of autonomy

Nio ES7 is the third SUV of the Chinese manufacturer considered the “Tesla of the East” for the technology, design and quality of its cars.

It positions itself between ES6 and ES8 and could compete in Europe with cars such as the Tesla Model Y, Aiways U5 and BMW iX3. The company premiered it on June 15, 2022.

The features of Nio ES7

The design is in line with the other models of the range, even if for the company it is the first to show new aesthetic elements that refer to the “Design for AD” philosophy, while on the front the “Shark Nose” aesthetic and the “Diamond Cut” band celebrate design ” X Bar “.. Nothing original or amazing, but” does his own “and is close above all to the Nio ET7 sedan, with which it also shares much of the technology. New, however, the sensors above the windshield with the Lidar in the center and a camera on each side.

Nio ES7

Compared to the other SUVs of the brand, the rear stands out for a very clean design, consisting solely of a light bar in the center, black, which runs along the entire width. The colors seen are gray or black, but it is likely that other colors will also arrive.

Like the ET7, Nio ES7 stands on platform NT2.0 second generation, and together with her she constitutes the range of models with which the company wants to make its definitive debut in the Old Continent, and most likely there will also be Italy.

Technological cockpit

As usual, Nio amazes technologically and in the interior, covered with sustainable materials and karuun fabrics. The 2.9-meter wheelbase ensures plenty of space, the seats are heated and have a massage function.

Nio ES7

With Nio ES7 also debuts Nio Digital System for Evolving Smart Technology, which includes intelligent hardware, new OS, algorithms and smart applications. For the company, this technology is the realization of a continuous development in a cohesive and sustainable ecosystem, with the focus Banyan (the name derives from a family of trees), the OS that moves the whole platform. Moreover, Nio Aquila Super Sensing And Super Computing complete the machine learning and robotics experience, while the latest version NAD (Nio Autonomous Driving) promises a safe autonomous driving experience both in the city and on the highway.

Nio ES7

As standard, the model comes with PanoCinema, the digital cockpit with augmented reality (AR) technologies and virtual (VR). Thanks to the custom AR glasses, Nio ES7 is able to provide a screen ranging from 201 inches to 6 meters, while digital illumination cascading up to 256 colors and the Sorrund Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 sound system make the audiovisual experience even more immersive.


Nio ES7 has two electric motors, one front and one rear, for one combined power of 652 hp and a maximum torque of 850 N / m, which allows it, despite its weight of 2.6 tons, to reach 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

The car also has standard air suspension throughout the range, while the battery cuts are from:

⋅ 75 kWh per 485 km of autonomy;
⋅ 100 kEh per 620 km of autonomy;
⋅ 150 kWh per 850 km of autonomy.

Nio ES7

Nio ES7 also includes the combination of Power Home, Power Charger and a network of nearly 1000 Power Swa stationsp, the technology that replaces dead batteries with charged ones, eliminating both recharge anxiety and, above all, long waiting times.

The price starts from 468,000 Yuan (about € 67,000) for the version with 75 kWh battery, and reaches a 526,000 (approximately € 78,000) for the 100 kEh version.


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