Paleo: the great moult of the plain of the Axis

On July 19, the crowd will rush again, buzzing with impatience, on the plain of the Asse. After two white years, a 45th edition under the sign of the great return… but also of the discovery. Because during his absence, the Paléo site took advantage of it to discreetly change: it is therefore a series of urban innovations and logistical improvements that will be unveiled this summer, “the biggest change of development since 1990”, announces the festival.

Long-planned changes, as they are driven by a constraint: the installation by the Nyon-St-Cergue-La Cure railway company of a depot east of the plain, which nibbles on a strip of land along the tracks (dedicated to storage). “We asked ourselves: should we adapt by simply compensating for this lost area, or is it an opportunity to rethink urban planning and supply, to bring surprises to the public?” summarizes Mario Fossati, Secretary General of Paleo. The team chooses the second option.

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Still, the festival started by recovering its due – square meters north of the field, direction Tréley. The surface is even a little bigger than before, “without increasing the audience gauge,” says Mario Fossati. This creates more empty spaces, there were few of them, apart from in front of the scenes. ” In addition to the traditional hillside dedicated to the poetic works of the HES-SO, which this year will present weaving honeycomb structures, the Place de l’Envol will be born on the tops of the hill. There, floral lamps, among other monumental luminous works, will invite festival-goers to relax between concerts.

A cocoon for electro

On that side, too, it’s moving. Rather than a simple relocation, two scenes change faces. Les Arches, the iconic “second” at the festival’s entrance, will become Vega – named after one of the brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere. This new structure will be installed on the heights of the plain, above the Place de l’Envol. If the programming keeps the same spirit, it will offer greater capacity and a new sonography. “A better work tool to better welcome artists and their shows,” sums up Mario Fossati. And to immerse yourself even more in the sound but also the image, go not far from there to the “Sphere of Furniture”, a bubble that will offer 360 ° contemplations.

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We must also say goodbye to the Detour, a red and blue marquee erected in 2008, replaced by Belleville – in reference to this district of Detroit, considered the historic cradle of techno. Not a coincidence: Belleville will be, in Paleo, the high place for electronic music, from trance to deep house, via reggae dub, from Africa and Palestine. More than a stage, a cocoon, with its terrace bar (where DJs will also perform) and its neat scenery. “Intriguing decorations, the first thing festival-goers will see at the entrance.”

Last transformation: the Pl’Asse, the space between the exit of the field and the campsite, accessible without a ticket, which it was time to rethink, explains Mario Fossati. “Turns out she was a little out of breath.” Renowned as the Quartier Libre, open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., this stand and entertainment area now aims to be “more open, more fluid”, with dancing bars and a sonic atmosphere that evolves throughout the day and night.

“Green” dishes and bank cards

Other innovations, in the air of time, will change the festival experience. Starting with the arrival of washable crockery, spearhead for more “green” events. In addition to the iconic cups, bowls, plates and pitchers will now be recorded, recovered in a dozen points on the site.

Finally, there is no need to queue in front of ATMs: the plain will now be “cashless” territory. To the electronic bracelets, adopted by many major international festivals, the Paleo prefers a solution “less binding, and that corresponds to the evolution of everyday use”: it will accept all electronic means of payment (cards, Twint…). Those wishing to do so will be able to purchase prepaid cards on site. This allows us to follow, in more detail, the consumption flows in the field, adds Mario Fossati.

The first ones that the festival will observe with a keen eye. “We will have to wait until Tuesday at 7:30 pm to see how people reclaim the land. If they adopt it, what points will need to be corrected. It’s a kind of “one shot,” and we’ll decide what to do next. ” For its awakening, the Paleo will be more chameleon than ever.

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