Il Garelli Ciclone Elettrico è la rivisitazione moderna del mitico cinquantino

The Garelli Ciclone Elettrico is the modern reinterpretation of the legendary fifties

Garelli Electric Cyclone: raise your hand if you remember Garelli! I am sure many, since at his time it was the scooter that we all wanted. The company, which has existed for over a hundred years, after some vicissitudes that led to its liquidation, has recently come back into existence and has decided to re-propose its flagship model adapting it to the times: thus the Garelli Electric Cyclone!

Garelli Electric Cyclone: ​​the engine changes, but not the aesthetics

Garelli Electric Cyclone Characteristics

A winning team does not change, they say. But in this case, it changes in the heart. Indeed, what had made the fortune of the Garelli Cyclone in its golden years it was its very innovative and particular design, with tubular structure very simple and minimalist, and therefore effective. No compact frame, no refinements, just a concrete and colorful design.

Garelli Electric Cyclone SIC58

Also with regard to the new Garelli Ciclone Elettrico, the personalities of personalization of the vehicle are really many. Numerous the preparations, ranging from Cyclone Scout, the cheaper one, among other things, proposed in an elegant glossy English green with leather saddle and beige wheels, suitable for city traffic; to the Metal cyclone Passionup to the top model, the Cyclone Sport, the most powerful set-up and, allow me, even the slightly more tamarro one. Very nice is also the SIC-50dedicated to the late MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli.

Garelli Electric Cyclone: ​​an enviable and silent engine

The real change is the engine, which is completely electric here. Garelli wanted to aim for the top of the category, and in fact developed the powertrain of his electric scooter in collaboration with Bosch. As there is not a structure large enough to contain it, the engine was placed by Garelli directly on the rear wheel, and in fact he created a single-arm swingarm motor. very easy to remove to replace the tire if necessary.

Garelli Electric cyclone red

The power is 2Kw, but the torque of 120 N / m which ensures really quick starts, and minimal energy absorption. The alley was equipped by the Italian company with a motor controller, the Drive Control Mapping, which allows three driving modes: Eco, Tour and Sport. There is also the recovery of energy during braking, which increases the autonomy of the vehicle during use.

Garelli Electric Cyclone

To the electric motor it increased a removable 40Ah battery which guarantees 120 km of autonomy that go down in sport and tour mode, and of course also based on the use made of them. Removable battery, with a low weight of just 13 kg, means better versatility, as well as the possibility of charging it comfortably at home if you do not have a box with an electrical outlet. Garelli guarantees a charging time between 3 and 4 hours (with fast charger, while about 6 with the standard 5Ah battery charger), for a total of 800 cycles.

Lots of technology on board

The process of Garelli’s rebirth saw an update not only as regards the engines, but also for the entire technological equipment of the vehicle. On each vehicle there is a QR-Code with passive GPS function, which allows you to identify it by framing the code. In the event of theft and the theft reported both to the competent authorities and in the system, every time someone scans the QR-Code, the system will send a message to the owner with the position of the motorcycle, to be sent to the authorities to track it down and obtain the return of the vehicle.

In addition, all customers can have information and data on the bike by downloading the app MyUniqo available for Android and iOS.

Garelli Electric Cyclone has a price which starts from 3,149 euros.


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