Blatter-Platini trial: FIFA wants to be compensated

FIFA demanded reimbursement of some 2.2 million francs paid to former UEFA president Michel Platini in a plea on Thursday. The federation believes it has been deceived.

In the contract between former UEFA President Michel Platini and FIFA, there is no indication that the 300,000 francs paid to Michel Platini are just a “down payment” and that he was actually due to receive one million FIFA lawyer Catherine Hohl-Chirazi told the Federal Criminal Court on the seventh day of the trial of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini.

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Moreover, no payment ratification has ever taken place, Catherine Hohl-Chirazi continued. Payment was not placed on the agenda, or mentioned or discussed. For his part, former French footballer Platini did not announce that he had received the sum.

The lawyer ruled that FIFA was not guilty. The payment of two million on February 1, 2011 is incomprehensible. It does not appear anywhere, said Catherine Hohl-Chirazi, which suggests that it was done without a legal reason. The federation was “tricked,” the lawyer summed up. She applied to the Federal Criminal Court for compensation of 2,229,126 francs.

No legal basis

The day before, the Confederate Public Prosecutor’s Office had requested a one-year, eight-month suspended prison sentence against the two men. He accuses the 86-year-old Valaisan and the 20-year-old Frenchman of fraud. Sepp Blatter approved a payment of two million francs for alleged advisory services to Michel Platini for the benefit of FIFA between July 1998 and June 2002. However, the MPC sees no legal basis for this payment.

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The two defendants dropped the charges en masse last week before the Bellinzona Federal Criminal Court. The former UEFA president sees the accusation as a conspiracy to prevent him from becoming FIFA president, paving the way for Gianni Infantino, his then-right arm at UEFA, who has been targeted since 2020 by a separate procedure for three secret meetings with the prosecutor’s office.

The trial is set to resume on Friday at 9 a.m. with Joseph Blatter’s defense pleading. The opening of the trial is set for July 8.

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