La Ferrari svela il piano 2023-26 

THE GOAL IS TO CONTINUE TO GROW – A decisive acceleration to face head on the profound changes connected to the mobility revolution in progress, keeping as much as possible the tradition that for seventy-five years has made it famous in the four corners of the planet. There Ferrari will continue to produce dream cars, along the thin ridge that separates two fundamental needs, to remain at the top of the supercar Olympus: to maintain the exclusivity of a unique product in the world and, at the same time, to increase sales and revenues. This is what emerges from the new five-year plan presented by the house of the prancing horse during the Capital Markets Day held this morning. The goal, by expanding a customer base that has rejuvenated by eight years and has already grown by 25% in the period 2018-2022, is to reach a net turnover of 6.7 billion euros in 2026, with a Rate of growth per annum of 9%.

IN SEPTEMBER THE PUROSANGUE, THEN THE NEW SUPERCAR – Most of the revenue will have to come from car-related activities. Ferrari, for the period 2023-2026plans to launch fifteen new models, concentrating its greatest efforts on series production (the Icon edition racing cars and supercars, according to the company’s forecasts, will make up a maximum of 5% of production volumes; special series about 10%). By 2026, but presumably sooner, the highly anticipated new supercar will see the light, the natural emanation of a dynasty dotted with legendary masterpieces such as the 288 GTO, the F40, the F50, the Enzo, up to the more recent LaFerrari. Next September the spotlight will all be on the new one Thoroughbred, a breaking model for the Maranello house, which for the first time will venture into a territory never explored before, that of the super sports cars with raised wheels. The super crossover of the horse, which during its entire life cycle should be able to guarantee 20% of total sales, will be powered by a V12 engine, confirming what has already been announced by the company, namely that, at least for the near future, the development and production of piston engines is not in question.

HOME MADE ELECTRIC – In parallel, Ferrari will work on a new generation of hybrid and electric motors, drawing heavily on the experience gained in Formula 1 and in the other competitions in which it is engaged. By 2026, 40% of Ferraris should be powered by a traditional internal combustion engine, while electrified or 100% electric engines will power the remaining 60%. Regarding the latter, the Maranello company has announced that the designlo development and the production will take place within the factory walls, including the assembly of the battery modules, which will be integrated into the chassis of the cars to minimize the weights and give them the same handling as the sisters with the internal combustion engine.

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