Geneva and Vaud trigger the heatwave alert

The heatwave alert was triggered on Thursday in Geneva by the cantonal doctor’s service, Vaud made the same decision immediately. Health authorities point out that you need to protect yourself from the heat, get enough hydration, and pay attention to others during times of extreme heat.

Hot weather is expected in the Geneva basin until Tuesday, the Department of Safety, Population and Health (DSPS) said in a statement on Thursday. The cantonal doctor’s service issued the alert directly, without going through the usual warning.

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This alert level makes it possible to implement the plans provided by the institutions and communities in collaboration with the socio-health partners. In Carouge, an air-conditioned room will be opened on Friday at the Center des Promenades to spend some cool time, the city has announced.

Support for the elderly

The City of Geneva immediately activated its heatwave plan. The 13,500 people over the age of 75 living in the municipality have already received a letter inviting them to register for social follow-up during the high heat. This daily support is activated as early as Thursday, the City said. Registrations are always possible by phone at 0800 22 55 11 or by email to

High heat can have serious health consequences, recalls DSPS. Very young children, the elderly, dependent or isolated people as well as the elderly are particularly affected.

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Avoid physical activity during the hottest hours, keep the accommodation cool, drink enough, cool off with a shower or a mist, and get help if needed. In case of heat stroke, the person should be made to drink and refresh immediately.

Mobilization in the canton of Vaud

The canton of Vaud also calls for great caution. The heatwave plan was launched in the township on Thursday. All health institutions and all municipalities are affected, he said in a statement. The measures include visits to the homes of the most vulnerable and / or telephone contact with them, as well as the strengthening of prevention measures by all health partners.

The public can obtain advice and guidance within the cantonal social and health system from the on-call doctors’ telephone exchange (0848 133 133), states the DSAS.

DSAS chief Rebecca Ruiz, with the support of the Cantonal Medical Office, is closely following the situation. She is ready to intervene, together with the other members of the Council of State, to decide on any additional measures to be taken, her services are still writing.

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