La Honda porta i tre modelli di punta al MIMO 2022

A CHANGE OF PARADIGM – The Honda is present at MIMO 2022 with the most recent models in its range, the latest of which is the new Honda Civic, offered in Italy exclusively in a hybrid version. A car that, compared to the previous generation, stands out for a cleaner and more elegant style. Peculiarity that also underlines Vincenzo Picardi, communications manager of Honda Italy with whom we exchanged a few words, who describes the new Japanese sedan as follows: “Until recently, the Hondas had a divisive design: either you loved it or you hated it. On the new models, on the other hand, it is much more balanced and of European taste. As in the case of the new Honda Civic, which compared to the previous one takes a significant step forward also in terms of perceived quality “.


Compared to the previous one Honda Civic, the width of 150 cm remains unchanged, instead the length increases with 455 cm (3 cm more) and the wheelbase with 273 cm (3.5 cm more); the overall height decreases which, with 141 cm, makes the new Civic the lowest car in the C segment, namely that of compact sedans. The style of the bodywork is also found in the passenger compartment, where we tried to maximize functionality. The dashboard is low and horizontally developed, the position of the side mirrors and the large windows improve visibility. In the center of the dashboard, the 9-inch central touchscreen is flanked by the 10.2-inch one on the dashboard.

In Italy the new Honda Civic it will arrive in September 2022 with an engine only full hybrid, which combines the four-cylinder 2.0 petrol Atkinson cycle with two electric motors, one for thrust, and one that acts as a motor generator, powered by a 72-cell lithium-ion battery and a fixed-ratio gearbox. The combined power of the Honda Civic is 184 PS with 315 Nm of maximum torque.


Another model present at MIMO 2022 is the compact SUV Honda HR-V (434 long, 187 wide and 158 cm high). It stands out for its particularly smooth lines and for the hybrid powertrain consisting of a 1.5 petrol and two electric motors (the layout is the same as that used on the Civic). Prices from 31,300 euros.


There Honda Jazz it is instead a city car which, with the Crosstar version (alongside the normal variant), winks at the world of compact crossovers. Compared to the previous one, it is completely new, also as regards the platform, without however losing sight of what has always been its greatest peculiarity, namely practicality. It is only available in a hybrid version, with the same powertrain as its “sisters” which uses the four-cylinder 1.5-liter petrol engine and two electric units. Prices from 22,850 thousand euros.

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