Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition: Leclerc and Sainz custom glasses

Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition: the custom glasses of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition: by infusing a rush of adrenaline in one of the most popular partnerships in the championship, Leclerc and Sainz celebrate their strengths together by embodying everything that makes Ray-Ban and Scuderia Ferrari a winning team.

With a shared passion and the same goal to pursue, that is to win in style, the two drivers brought a personal touch to their favorite Ray-Bans, working with refined steel, “Modena yellow” rubber accents, traditional Ferrari color, acetate classic havana and shiny golden contours to transfer their vision of lifestyle aesthetics into two invincible eyewear creations.

Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition: Carlos Sainz Custom

Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition

Carlo Sainz’s ambitious vision of the racing circuit translates into the world of lifestyle design with a model that expresses maximum dynamism. Sporty lines inspired by Formula 1 transform an iconic Ray-Ban frame. The elegant steel wheels with silver finish and the black winged ciliates evoke the bold spirit of the new Ferrari, while the nose pads and rubber tips in the emblematic yellow recall both the emblem of the team for which the driver races and the colors of his flag. country.

The glasses are completed by the characteristic Ferrari shield and the Ray-Ban logo on the dark gray lenses, the laser-engraved emblems and logos on the temples, the refined packaging, with box, case and cleaning cloth and, finally, the certificate of numbered authenticity – all elements that contribute to the exclusivity of this Ray-Ban for Scuderia Ferrari Limited Edition model.

Charles Leclerc Custom Limited Edition

Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition

Charles Leclerc wears a custom Ray-Ban look to set his sights on his one goal: the gold of victory. Blending classic sporty style and contemporary design, the limited edition model takes curves from the inside, transforming a modern lifestyle frame with a clean aesthetic, with deep rims that recall classic racing car spoilers and refined metal
gold, in a one-of-a-kind eyewear destined to get noticed.

The distinctive Ferrari shield and Ray-Ban logo on the lenses and temples, the sophisticated packaging, with box, case and cleaning cloth, and the numbered certificate of authenticity make this exclusive Ray-Ban for Scuderia Ferrari Limited Edition model a collector’s item.


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