Riva The Persuaders: the short with Pierfrancesco Favino and Charles Leclerc

Riva The Persuaders: the short with Pierfrancesco Favino, David Beckham and Charles Leclerc

Riva The Persuaders: a short film to be seen, with three stars engaged in an adventure on the road and on the waves that has Riva and Ferretti Group boats as co-stars. Those who have seen it, in world premiere at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, speak of a show not to be missed, on the other hand Pierfrancesco Favino, David Beckham and Charles Leclerc would be enough to decree the extraordinary nature of the project.

Riva The Persuaders: the short film for the brand’s 180th anniversary

Inspired by the cult TV series “The Persuaders!”, In Italy “Beware of those two”, it was made in recent weeks on the coasts on the border between Italy and the French Riviera. Very famous performers: Pierfrancesco Favino, the most important Italian actor and already interpreter of the first film short of the Riva brand – “Riva in the Movie” -, the star of world football David Beckham, an icon of English style and celebrity among the most followed at world and Charles Leclerc, Scuderia Ferrari driver and idol of Formula 1 fans.

Riva’s is a film story and this extraordinary short film, with a sensational trio of protagonists, is the perfect celebration of the 180th anniversary. I thank Pierfrancesco, David and Charles for the friendship, the passion and the fun they put into the project: the result is spectacular, he commented Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. At the time I was a faithful spectator of the TV series “The Persuaders!”, For us Italians “Beware of those two”, and I found the same ironic and elegant style in this little gem. As always, Riva offers great emotions.

Riva The Persuaders

Together with the three celebrities, the protagonists are the splendid boats of the Riva shipyard, which this year marks the 180th anniversary of their birth, as well as a flamboyant Ferrari and an incredible vintage Maserati.

“Riva The Persuaders!” was filmed between the French Riviera and Montecarlo, where Pierfrancesco Favino was seen setting sail aboard a magnificent Riva 56 ‘Rivale, David Beckham on Riva 68’ Diable and Charles Leclerc on Rivamare. The action and movements are those of an adrenaline-pumping film, full of chases on land and at sea. As for the previous short film Riva, the director Federico Brugia, with the Armando Testa Studios production, of the Armando Testa Group, led the shooting.

Riva The Persuaders


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