Horwin 2022 range: prices and features

Horwin 2022 range: three scooters and one motorcycle, all electric!

Horwin 2022 range it consists of four models, more precisely three scooters and a latest generation electric motorcycle ready to conquer those who are attentive to sustainable mobility and with an eye on style and trends.

Horwin 2022 range: EK3

Elegant and technological, designed for daily use, this scooter is agile and quick in city traffic and extremely comfortable even on longer journeys. There is no lack of style with a rounded and very elegant look. The engine generates a power of 6.2 KW up to a speed of 95km / hwith smooth operation in all driving conditions.

In addition, thanks to its high efficiency it perfectly balances energy consumption. The battery (40 Ah – removable) recharges in about 4 hours and the EK3 compartment under the saddle can accommodate two batteries or a battery and a helmet. There are four colors available: red, white, matte black and gray. Public price € 4.390 fc

Horwin 2022 range: EK1

Horwin 2022 range

Here is the “little brother” of EK3. This scooter is suitable for a younger audience thanks to its displacement, it is available in four particular colors (opaque blue, opaque orange, black and white) that make it unique in its kind. EK1 is perfect for faster travel within an urban context, thanks to a comfortable and fun driving position.

The engine generates a power of 2.8 KW and allows you to reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h. The battery (40 Ah – removable) recharges in about 4 hours and the EK1 compartment under the saddle can accommodate two batteries or a battery and a helmet. Price to the public € 3,690 fc

Horwin 2022 range: CR6

Horwin 2022 range

A 1960s-style Cafe Racer revisited in a “modern key”, also perfect for the female audience. Modern in technology, retro in style and elegant in look. It is light and easy to ride, comfort in the saddle is one of the key elements thanks to the ergonomic design. CR6 is equipped with a glove compartment which also contains a USB socket that allows the smartphone to be recharged.

Thanks to a revolutionary technology, the battery (55Ah) (non-removable) is recharged to 100% in about 3 hours. The charging cable is convenient and allows you to connect the vehicle directly inside the garage. It is available in three colors: green, black and blue. Price to the public € 6,390 fc

Horwin 2022 range: SK3

With its sporty and stylish design, this new scooter totally differs from the softer look of the EK3 and EK1. SK3 is able to offer an extraordinary driving experience in the city. The engine developed by Horwin generates a power of 6.2 KW and allows a maximum speed of 90 km / h. The battery (36 Ah) is completely new for an important duration and maximum efficiency in the cycle of use. The compartment of the SK3 also provides the possibility of including two batteries, or a battery and a helmet. There are three colors coming to the market shortly: matte black, gold and blue. Price to the public € 4.350 fc

Electric vehicles enjoy, as is well known, a government incentive that cuts the public price by 30% or 40% (with scrapping of used vehicles), a facility that allows you to purchase a zero-emission vehicle at a much more affordable price.


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