Switzerland under the influence of the heat wave: a record broken in Basel

It was also very hot in Viège VS, with 35.4 degrees, and in Delémont (JU), with 35.0 degrees. The sun burned in the middle of the morning, especially in French-speaking Switzerland. Shortly after 9:30 a.m., Neuchâtel, Nyon, Mathod (VD) and Sion recorded more than 30 degrees in the shade.

However, the 36.6 degrees recorded on Friday in Biasca, Ticino were not reached on Saturday, SRF Meteo announced on Saturday night. On Sunday, however, maximum temperatures are again expected to be between 32 and 36 degrees. In the Alps, the southern foehn rises further.

Meteonews says it is also very hot in the mountains with 30 to 32 degrees around 1000 m altitude, while the zero limit was around 4600 m.

The bar of 37 could be crossed

According to SRF Meteo, it is therefore possible that the 37-degree mark will be reached on Sunday afternoon, which would be a new record for Switzerland for the month of June.

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The start of next week will also be marked by temperatures above 30 degrees, but that should not be enough to reach absolute records.

In Zion and Geneva, for example, the highest temperatures ever recorded in June were 36.4 degrees in 2019 and 1950, respectively.

An unpredictable end

According to MétéoSuisse estimates, the end of the heat wave is still uncertain. A Level 3 warning is currently in effect until Tuesday night for the plains of the Southern Alps, central Valais as well as western and north-western Switzerland. The cantons of Geneva and Vaud, in particular, have activated the heatwave plans.

During the day on Monday, slightly cooler air is expected to temporarily seep in, but warmer air is expected again on Tuesday, according to MétéoSuisse.

Depression off the coast of Portugal

The records are due to the depression off the coast of Portugal, which still directs very hot air over the west, south and center of the continent.

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This situation occurs when the summer has not yet begun. She also carries her share of dramas. A man in his seventies drowned in Lake Lugano, while a swimmer who had dived from his boat to cool off in Lake Geneva off Villeneuve (VD) was reported missing on Saturday. Another person was found seriously injured after being knocked unconscious from Lake Neuchâtel in Chevroux.

In France, the heat wave affects almost the entire country, with a dozen departments placed on “red alert”, with peaks around 40 degrees, especially in the Paris region. Under greenhouses, temperatures can climb up to 55 degrees. Spain is also crushed by the heat wave, with multiple fires.

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