The only example of a white Ferrari Enzo is up for auction at Sotheby's

The only example of a white Ferrari Enzo is up for auction at Sotheby's

Sotheby’s auctions are back, and one of his classic is back with the only one Ferrari Enzo whiteprecisely in the only example that left Maranello in white Avus.

The car dates back to 2003, and is almost legendary: it was sold to a very discreet and reserved Swiss billionaire, which is why it has been hidden from public eyes for over ten years. Also for this reason, it represents the most special example of the model that pays homage to the Ferrari founder in the name.

The only white Ferrari Enzo, and the last with a naturally aspirated V12

There Ferrari Enzo was the fastest model ever built at launch, and it was the latest Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V12 engine. A center-mounted 5,998cc powertrain, capable of unleashing the then incredible power of the 651 hp, superior to any rival in the years of production. This combined. low torque, lightning-fast acceleration and wonderful sound, the “howl”produced every time you approach the 8200 revolutions per minute.

Ferrari Enzo

This specimen of Ferrari Enzo bianco Avus has seen little of the roads: at the time of cataloging, in fact, it counts approx 9,600 km traveled. As mentioned, it is the only Enzo to have known the white color, which makes the splendid shapes of this supercar more elegant and pure, which pays homage in the design, as can be seen from the pointed bumper, to the Formula 1 prototypes.

Ferrari Enzo

The Enzo was built in 400 copies, of which less than 20 finished in non-standard colorjust like white: a sign that the wealthy customer is one of the most appreciated and demanding of the Cavallino.

Ferrari Enzo

Enzo himself was in fact a driver of the Alfa Romeo stable, and throughout his life he was committed to creating racing cars, and even those destined for the road have always represented the avant-garde of technology and style, all expressed very well by Enzo. .

Ferrari Enzo

The interior features white avus leather seats on black, with racing red instruments and extra-large bucket seats in carbon fiber with three-dimensional black fabric inserts.


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