New Kymco DTX360: engines, prices and features

New Kymco DTX360 becomes 125 and 300

New Kymco DTX360: the Downtown disguises itself as an “Adventure Crossover” and becomes DTX360, entering the range of maxi scooters and now also its 125 and 300 version. DTX360 125which can be driven with a simple A1-B license and the DTX360 300 that will allow all types of users to experience emotions on the road, guaranteeing adventure in everyday life with the comfort and safety of a commuter, but without abandoning the consolidated characteristics of the Downtown range.

The harmonious and linear proportions, the sports layout and the high front fender make the DTX360 125 and 300 vehicles extremely versatile, but with a dual sport heart. The handlebar is wide to allow good control even on uneven pavement and the rider’s sitting position is high to improve visibility on the road. The Keyless system allows you to access vehicles with extreme ease, the instrumentation is digital and specially designed to provide maximum readability in all conditions, the front headlights are with LED tube lights with chrome / glossy black details, the rear headlight lenses are in non-transparent pigmented, the muffler protection inserts are glossy black and blend harmoniously with the distinctive graphics positioned on the matt anthracite rear fenders, well integrated with the bold orange bodywork or in the new Aviolo cerulean blue color present only on the 300 version.

New Kymco DTX360: features

New Kymco DTX360

There LCD instrumentation present on all models, it is complete with every indicator: trip computer (air temperature sensor, fuel consumption and battery voltage), total and partial odometer, speedometer, tachometer, digital clock and fuel level and coolant temperature indicators.

The handlebar controls are simple, elegant and ergonomic, the full black grip design knobs are enriched with comfortable handguards, a typical detail of every crossover; managing the DTX has never been easier thanks to the keyless starting and the multifunction ignition lock, protected by the smart-lock system, which acts on the ignition, steering lock and saddle opening. There are two USB sockets, the first located in the left glove compartment, while the second in the center of the handlebar and allows you to recharge up to two electronic devices.

In addition, the DTX360 300 version is also equipped with TCS system, easy to insert and remove thanks to the convenient button located behind the left knob. Comfort guaranteed not only to the rider, but also to the passenger, even over longer distances, thanks to the large double-deck full black saddle, equipped with a courtesy light and capable of stowing two helmets (integral) and which opens directly via multifunction block.

New Kymco DTX360: chassis

New Kymco DTX360

Both models have a steel frame with stamped plates with a suspension system consisting of a hydraulic telescopic fork Ø 37 mm with 110 mm travel at the front and single swing arm with double adjustable shock absorber with 100 mm travel at the rear; the disc brakes are respectively Ø 260 mm diameter with 3-piston caliper at the front and Ø 240 mm with 2-piston caliper at the rear, while the exclusive 5-spoke light alloy rims are fitted with 120 / 80-14 knobby tires “At the front and 150 / 70-13” at the rear.

Dimensions vary by a few mm depending on the model: DTX360 125 has dimensions of 2,165 x 780 x 1,290 mm, wheelbase of 1,545 mm and mass in running order of 179 kg, while DTX360 300 has dimensions of 2,170 x 775 x 1,280 mm, wheelbase of 1,550 mm and a mass in running order of 193 kg. The saddle height, on the other hand, remains unchanged on both models of 810 mm and makes them the perfect vehicles for urban travel without sacrificing driving pleasure.

New Kymco DTX360: engine

New Kymco DTX360

The propulsion of the DTX360 125 is entrusted to a 4 valve single cylinder engine water cooled from 124 cc. of displacement, which releases a maximum power of 9.6 kW (13 HP) at 9,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.9 Nm at 7,500 rpm; the fuel tank is 12.5 liters, consumption of 34 km / l, CO2 emissions of 67 g / km, in full compliance with EURO 5 regulations and you drive with an A1-B license.

DTX360 300on the other hand, it is pushed by a single cylinder 2 valve engine 276 cc water-cooled. of displacement, which releases a maximum power of 17 kW (23.1 HP) at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 23.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm; The fuel tank is 13 liters, consumption of 28 km / l, CO2 emissions of 82 g / km and you drive with an A2 license.

New Kymco DTX360: prices, colors and accessories

Kymco DTX360 125 is already available in the matte black / orange color combination at the list price of € 5,390 fc, now in promotion at € 4,990; DTX 360 300 is, on the other hand, available in the colors odolo matt black / orange and matt odolo black / sand scalve at € 5,990 fc, now on promotion at € 5,390 fc

The DTX360 350 is always available, now also in the new matt odolo black / cerulean blue color (Aviolo) at the list price of € 6,390 fc now on promotion at € 5,790.

There are many dedicated accessories for both Kymco versions: the 47 Lt. top case in matt Black Odolo for € 195, the DTX 360 smoked windshield for € 126, the DTX360 windshield € 169, the backrest for 47 Lt. cases for € 35 and the top case support for € 84.


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