Top Gun, Maverick and all the truths behind the iconic film of the 80s

Top Gun, Maverick and all the truths behind the iconic film of the 80s

Many have already gone to see “Top Gun: Maverick“, Or the continuation of Top Gun at Cinema. An unnerving wait, because while the first trailer was released by Paramount in 2019, the hardships due to the coronavirus emergency, have decreed the move to May of this year.

Yeah, but why are we talking about it? Obviously to shed some light on the story that really lies behind the Top Gun. Yes, for women, like the homonymous training school.

Top Gun F14

Why does the Top Gun exist?

During the second World War the performance of pilots during air combat in flight began to be analyzed very seriously by the US high command. In particular, the pilots of the United States Navy, obtained in those years a “kill ratio” of 14 to 1which meant that for every American aircraft shot down, the enemy had lost at least 14. “Not bad,” American military truths must have thought.


Even in the subsequent Korean conflict, things continued to be favorable to the Americans, with the kill ratio standing at 12 to 1. These data are indicative, given that in some cases the records on the results of the air combat could be inaccurate and confused. In any case, the value expressed was sufficiently true and provided a reliable indicator.

In the early years of the Vietnam war something changed radically. The value began to drop to a 2 to 1, an unacceptable situation for the Americans, taking into account the enormous difference at stake between the aircraft of the two sides. The US ones are high-tech and those deployed by the Vietnamese forces are rather backward. The American command, worried, tried to understand what was due to the sudden drop in performance and assigned to the Captain Frank Ault the task of leading an investigation, which soon resulted in the Ault report.

Top Gun F-14

The conclusions of the investigation pointed to two main factors. The first concerned the poor effectiveness of missile systems, such as to frustrate the efforts of the pilots in getting in a good position for the launch. Often, in fact, the missiles did not hit the target or worse they went completely off target, frustrating the fighter pilots not a little. The second factor was due to one poor training of the pilots themselveswho in some situations of maneuvered combat, made mistakes such as to find themselves at a disadvantage and constitute an easy prey for the enemy.

Precisely to make up for these gaps, a Miramar Navy Fighter Weapons School, la Top Gun precisely, with the best possible instructors and above all with airplanes that could simulate the performance of the enemy ones, in order to make the pilots’ exercise as realistic as possible with respect to the conditions they would have encountered in battle.

The result? In a short time in the Vietnam War there was a return to a kill ratio of 13 to 1. An excellent result. And Tom Cruise? Will he be able to do better? Obviously we don’t want to reveal anything to avoid spoiling the plot or ending. If you’ve already seen it, tell us in the comments if you liked it or not. In the meantime, here is the link to the clothing line inspired by the film.


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